Basketball Update Launched

With the 2011-12 basketball season set to start internationally, Armenian Basketball Update is here to keep continuing coverage of our players and coaches in the United States and abroad. It is our hope that the presence of Armenian Basketball continues to rise in the upcoming years and it starts with recognizing the accomplishments of the players and coaches.

At the international level, the Armenian National Men’s Under 16 team finished in sixth place in the B Division at the 2011 European Championships, losing to Hungary, 65-52, in the classification game. Andrey Konstantinov (Rostov, Russia) finished the tournament as Armenia’s leading scorer with 15.8 points per game and 8.1 rebounds per game. Armenia finished the tournament with a 5-4 record that included victories over Israel and the Netherlands.

Shortly after that tournament concluded, the fifth Pan-Armenian Games featured a memorable championship game in the Men’s division. Los Angeles (California) and Sochi (Russia) went to overtime before L.A. prevailed, 93-86. Mike Danielian (Van Nuys, CA/Azusa Pacific University) led the champions with 49 points in the Sunday final.

After a brief fall break, basketball practices and games are under way for universities, high schools, and overseas.

The mission of Armenian Basketball Update is to keep continuing coverage on players, coaches, leagues, and tournaments year-round. We look forward to readers posting comments, as well as any related material we might be missing out on or should be looking out for.


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